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Traffic Reports in SA

Monitoring local radio stations for road conditions and traffic news flashes of blockages will assist in getting your products to their destination on time and help avoid unnecessary accidents.

Radio stations report on road conditions during peak traffic periods:

RSG - Every half hour, after the news. 100 - 104 fm. Additional info on RSG radio frequencies.

SAFM - Traffic Watch every half hour after the news.
104 - 107 fm.

Lotus FM - Traffic Bulletins 87.7 - 106.8 fm
Monday - Friday
07h05; 07h15; 07h30; 07h45; 08h05; 08h15; 08h30;15h30; 15h45; 16h05; 16h15; 16h30; 16h45; 17h05; 17h15; 17h30; 17h45


Registering to receive regular, updated traffic reports via email, which includes traffic incidents and road work information relating to the upgraded Gauteng freeway network, will be available as from 1 November 2008, on the I-Traffic web site.

In addition there are a number of web sites that advise on current road conditions.

Other sites that can assist with route planning to avoid areas of traffic congestion and road roadwork's include:


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